Solar Challenge We Have a Driver!

It is not always easy to travel 10 person group to an over seas event. Plane tickets, hotel reservations, passports ready, but as Greek philosopher Heraclitus said always expect the unexpected.

Flight from Lefkosa to Istanbul takes 1h15min. wait in the airport for connection flight for 3 hours and 10 hour flight to Johannesburg. We are tired, but everything is going smooth until 9 of us passed the passport control without any problem but our main pilot stuck at the passport control. Republic of South Africa passed a law a year ago that if you have anything hand written on your passport even it is an official stamp and signature they do not accept you to country. Unfortunately our driver has his passport extended before coming to South Africa and they extended with a stamp and signature.

Although event organizers and us talking with too many people from immigration all officers said that they cannot do anything and deport our driver. So he suffered all these flights back to Turkish Republic of Cyprus.

Good things also happen he decides to renew his passport. He renewed his passport not even sleeping at his own house a night and flight back and joined us. We are feeling so lucky that we have so devoted members in our team. We love you a lot Burcin!!

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