No Solar Car for a Solar Race!

Nothing is going like a hot knife through butter. When we were shipping our solar car from Near East University on 11th of August the shipping company told us that the car will be ready in Pretoria in 17th of September. Since we were going to be in Pretoria on 20th everything was fine with us. We even arranged a safe parking place for Ra27 for the 3 days that it is going to spend alone in “South Africa” without us.

We are struggling with our driver passport problem and Ra27 stuck in the customs at the same time. Such a bad way to start an event like this. 3 days of non stop talking with the customs officials, at last today we have Ra27 with us.

No Solar Car for a Solar Race!

While waiting for the Ra27 we didn’t want to waste our time and get our lead and chase vehicles ready. Also it is such a big honor to see our flag up on the big screen with 6 other competitors countries.

Even though we have the car since we didn’t pass through scrutineering we are only going to take ceremonial start tomorrow and have Ra27 scrutineered tomorrow evening.

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