Sasol Solar Challenge Starts!

The day we have been waiting for has come. It’s so good to be on a start of an event like this one more time. We are all keeping in mind what we have learnt from the last time. But the worst part is that we can only take a ceremonial start because that are car is not scrutineered, yet.

Sasol Solar Challenge Starts!

Today the race starts from Pretoria which is the administrative capital of South Africa. All media and people are around us and asking questions and checking all cars including Ra27.

As a very nice surprise Turkish Ambassador Kaan Esener come and find us on the start line. We are very honored to meet with him and even wanted to have a selfie with us.

Turkish Ambassador Kaan Esener

Now it is time to shine. Ra27 on the start line with other cars and pass the South African Motorsports flag for the official start of the Sasol Solar Challenge.

You can watch the video of event start.

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