Let’s Drive Ra27!

Scrutineering passed flawlessly. We are all pumped up to race again. Batteries are full, very nice open weather without any clouds and the most importantly team rested well. We are starting from the last position of all teams today, but we are ready.

First stage is from Kroonstad to Theunissen which is 126km mainly on highway done by Ra27 approximately in 1h50mins. There is no heavy wind on the road and the car is handling nicely, but we are having a huge problem with the auxiliary power draining so quickly like in every 60kms.

Let’s Drive Ra27!

Around 11 o’clock as a race strategy we go out for the loop which is on a side roads of Theunissen which is 74km long containing some up and down hills. We wanted to rest our main pilot on this loop and second driver hopped in the mighty Ra27. On a speed hump just on an entrance of a bridge our driver lost control of Ra27, but gathered everything back quickly, but as a team we took this as an important reminder that how serious job we are doing and finish the loop with a slower pace than we used to.

Second stage of the day is from Theunissen to the judicial capital of South Africa, Bloemfontein which is a 117km long route. Since most of the route was on highways we were averaging around 70km/h speed and everybody in the team was feeling great.

Let’s Drive Ra27!

Unfortunately on the last 5km of the race while our car was trying turn from a roundabout with a very low speed front left wishbone broke due to fatigue. This was such a thing which we didn’t expect. So we have to trail up the last 5km to the finish line. Although we weren’t expecting something like this to happen, we already have the spares for it to replace. After parc fermè we replace the broken wishbone with a new one in 30 minutes and changed the front tires and get ready for the next day.

Our record with our previous solar car was 216km in a day and even though we had a problem on the last kilometers we break our record with 301km on our first day of the event.

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