Mountains & Traffic Jam

The first stage of the day is 85km drive from Graaf-Reinet to Jansenville. As a race strategy we decided to trail it up to control point and make 2 or 3 loops which is 65km long instead of driving the first stage. So the car is trailed to control point and while trailering car is charged fully.

Mountains & Traffic Jam - Day 5

Loop was in Jansenville on a side road just 30km drive and make a u-turn and drive the same road back. There were some side winds but not too heavy Ra27 handling nicely and two loops are done perfectly. While discussing if we should make the third loop or not we warned by the officials that there is a huge traffic jam in Port Elizabeth so we decided not to make the third loop and start driving to Port Elizabeth.

Mountains & Traffic Jam

The most awaited mountain climb started. With Ra25 as a team we suffered a lot on this mountain climb and even at one point car came to stand still which was such a bad moment and demoralized the team. Mighty Ra27 climb the mountain with averaging around 60km/h and on the top of the mountain everybody on the radio was cheering for Ra27 and the driver. And the most anticipating 1000km mark on South African Roads reached just after 2km of the mountain climb. The weather conditions weren’t very nice also we see the side winds are building up since we are going down to ocean level. So we decided to drive slowly but we understand that it will cause us a problem that we cannot be on time 5:30 to finish line considering the traffic jam ahead of us. So we trailed the last part to finish line where we had 8 seconds to spare.

In the end of the day we received 1056km which is a milestone for the Near East University Solar Racing Team.

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