Wind Wind Wind!!!

Port-Elizabeth is known as windy city and right now it is showing us why the city has this name. The Indian Ocean coast is very windy. As a team we always want to stay on the safe side and never want to take big risks. So for the race strategy we decided to trail up where we feel comfortable to drive.

Near East University Solar Racing Team

We trailed up to the control point but the wind was still averaging around 40-50km/h. After waiting around 2 hours nothing change with the weather conditions.

Wind Wind Wind!!! - Day 6

So after little bit after St. Francis Bay we decided that the weather conditions are getting better. Since we have enough time to the finish line we answered local students questions and explained why and what we are doing and the possibilities of the sun energy.

Sasol Solar Challenge - Local Students

We had a very eventless 111km ride with Ra27 and pass the finish line as the first car.

In total 1167km is done with Ra27 on South African roads so far.

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