Calm Day

A sunny morning in Sedgefield. Since yesterday we didn’t drive a lot our batteries are around %80 full. So we woke up at 5:30 to start charging our batteries to full, which morning sun does its job great. While charging the car we put new tires on Ra27 and kept the solar panels moist all the time.

Calm Day

First stage of the route was from 74km long Sedgefield to Mosselbay. We planned to average speed around 60km/h during this part of the road. The weather became cloudy on the road so we had to depend on our batteries a lot.

At the control point we even take a place on a save shark event to make public awareness on killing the sharks.

Save Shark Event

We knew that the loop was a short one with 30km long but all in the town roads which will make us to stop & go all the time. So we decided not to drive any loops and after 30minute control stop we start driving to the third oldest town in the Republic of South Africa, Swellendam.

Calm Day

Second stage of the route was up and down hills all the time but the road surface was very nice and also the weather get very nice. Since Sasol Solar Challenge rules tells us that one driver can only drive straight two hours and have to rest 30 minutes we made a stop to rest our driver approximately 60km to the finish line. While resting the driver we kept on charging the car up to almost full batteries again and drive the last 60km with averaging 75km/h and reach the finish line.

At the end of day Ra27 made 1412km on the Sasol Solar Challenge which is twice more than predecessor Ra25 made in the same solar challenge in 2014.

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