New Antenna

We developed a telemetry system to monitor, log and transmit data reflecting the real-time health of the solar cells and batteries. The real-time data helps the support team develop an optimized race strategy and reduces troubleshooting time because the monitored data triggers alarms to prevent problems before they arise. The driver’s actions can also be monitored and logged to perform postrace analysis. We have an antenna on our solar car for telemetry. This antenna was good enough for our usage while we were racing however it was consuming a lot of electric. And we know that one of the most important things in solar car is energy in the battery. So we do our best to reduce the amount of energy that we spend. So This is why we have to change our antenna.

The old antenna we used were Bullet Ac’s B-DB-AC and BulletAC-IP67. And these were consuming too much energy so we nought a new one. XBee Pro 60mW U.FL CONNECTION is which we use currently. This is much better than the old antenna, it consumes less energy and also it lets us to work on the solar car while on the fly without the help of programming team.

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  1. Will you be using this in Australia?

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