Solar Panels

Solar panels absorb solar radiation as a source of energy to generate electricity. We use solar panels to protect world from harmful gases that are caused by cars or any machines that uses petroleum and any source like so. Solar panels let us use energy without harming the environment.

Like everything it has pluses and minuses. One of the biggest plus is it doesn’t affect nature bad and also it takes the energy from sun so no need to waste money every time for recharging things. You have to buy the solar panel and the required equipments which lets you use and store energy so after the process of installing you can start to use it for free energy. But if we talk about the minuses the first thing comes to mind is “what if you are living in a rainy place”. Then, sad but true you will not be able to use your solar panel to get some juice and at night you also can’t use your solar panels.

So as we said we use solar panels in our car to save nature and also want to be able to use solar energy more efficiently. On our car we have 392 solar panels to gain energy for our 412 batteries that we have. It takes 2-3 hour to charge them from 0 to 100% in a sunny day.

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